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Chris Evans + Hands


Musician Bruno Mars accepts the Best Pop Vocal Album award for ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ onstage during the 56th GRAMMY Awards 


What we learned about Season 3:

  • As Joss Whedon says "The minute you give one of your characters happiness, you have to yank it away from them." - Que Olicity date
  • Currently shooting 48th episode
  • Thea is going through something very big right now, she’s nothing like the Season 1 or…
dylan o'brien - dylans attempt at a southern accent
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Paul Wesley crashes The Originals Panel at Comic-Con 2014 thanking the crowd for the birthday wishes. (x)

Dane DeHaan, Prada Photoshoot, 2014. 

Dane DeHaan, Prada Photoshoot, 2014. 

three times oliver watched felicity go and one time felicity turned around to look at him while he watched her go (x)